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We focus on delivering a positive gift card trading experience as we allow all our customers to trade gift cards for Bitcoin and money (Naira, Cedis and Dollars etc.) directly through our website as well as Whatsapp Agents.

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Do you run short of money to fulfill your routine or Bitcoin trading needs?  Well, Card Heavens is the one best place where you can sell all your unwanted iTunes gift cards/Bitcoins and all other gift cards to get the cash or Bitcoin you need. You can also sell your Bitcoin for the same. So, connect with us now and start saving money! 

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List of Supported Major Gift Cards

Are you planning to sell your gift cards? Well, here is the list of all major supported gift cards for you…


Are you looking for cash or Bitcoins? Well, what do you think about selling iTunes Gift Cards? We’ll instantly pay you in the form of Naira, Cedis, Dollar or Bitcoin.


Do you have too many Steam gift cards? Well, you can trade steam gift cards for Bitcoin through us. Instant payments are guaranteed! We can credit your bank account with Naira, Cedis, and Dollar also for the same.


Selling your Amazon gift cards to us could also help you get the cash or Bitcoins you need. So, think about it! Full security and instant payment transfer is guaranteed.