Three Popular Gift Card Trading Frauds to Avoid

by Card Haveins

Posted on March 6, 2019 03:10:05 AM

Gift cards have now become an integral part of mainstream financial life of consumers. Thanks to the application of digital technology in financial sector. This is why people in many parts of the world now want to trade their gift cards online for accessing their balance.

But this boom is making gift cards subject to many financial scams these days. Many cybercriminals are using a variety of tricks to lure people into gift cards scams running online. Before you trade your gift cards online to access your balance or use it for some reason, you need to know about them on time.

Some common gift card scams to avoid:

DIY gift cards

It is the most common type of gift card scam performed on internet these days. Online scammers active in financial cybercrimes perform it using traditional mediums of scamming. They have to visit the store to be able to input essential details:

  • Gift card account number
  • Security code

Once these financial cybercriminals manage to enter these details, the gift card account number and security codes are captured by them. These details are then scratched-off the website and replaced by them in the form of a look-a-like sticker. What happens next? Well, this can surprise you! You load your gift card with money and game over for you! Meaning, the money loaded by you in your gift card directly goes into the hands of these financial cybercriminals.

Gift cards balance bots:

This is another type of gift card crime in trend you need to know about before trading your gift card online instantly. The world is fast moving towards embracing AI in all walk of life. These financial cybercriminals are also upgrading their means of stealing your money online faster.

They have started using software that help them access/target gift card balance sites. They are using artificial intelligence in the form of bots and the data you compromise. This data includes but is not limited to gift card account number and security pins.

They just try to use your gift card account number and pins to be able to gain access to your gift card account. Once they succeed, the information related to your gift card account number gets compromised. Meaning, scammer sell this information.

From gift card to cash

Before you think about trading your gift card online instantly, you need to be careful about this another form of trending cybercrime these days. Once your stolen or lost gift cards are obtained by financial cybercriminals, they just have to find a way to make of use your balance without getting caught. It is like killing of two birds with one stone by scammers.

  • They get rid of your stolen or lost gift cards and don鈥檛 get caught.
  • Secondly, they take your money away from you.

All in all, we at Cardhaveins value the hard work you do to earn your money. Therefore, we have shared this piece of information to help you stay away from these popular gift card scams. If you are looking for a secure platform for trading your gift card online, Cardhaveins beats the competition with authority.

Got a gift card to trade? Let鈥檚 see what we can do for you!

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