Things-To-Do and Not-To-Do While Selling Your iTunes Gift Card for Naira

by Card Haveins

Posted on February 7, 2019 04:32:30 AM

Selling gift cards for cash instantly is fast becoming one of the most popular financial trends in today’s world. People now consider their gift cards as a medium of extra financial freedom to deal with their day-to-day financial issues. The rise of gift cards as a mainstream medium for financial support should be credited for this.

The entry of gift cards in the mainstream financial sector is encouraging many people to sell gift cards for cash instantly and access their balance before it expires. The trend of gift cards’ sale for money has recently got popular in countries like Nigeria where people are trading their iTunes gift cards for Naira.

It is a good thing the people know about another way of saving their valuable money. It is because all gift cards come with an expiry date. Coming back to the point, selling your iTunes gift cards online instantly for Naira requires you to be slightly careful.

It is because not all gift card trading havens (platforms) are genuine. Many such platforms are operating online. If you fall in their online trap, there is nothing you do to save your money. Therefore, it is important that you choose your gift card trading platform very carefully.

Moreover, you should keep some important things-to-do and not-to-do in mind.

The list of not-to-do things:

  • No reputed gift card trading platform will ask you for your iTunes gift card. This is the first thing you should know about.
  • If you sense something wrong about the platform you are planning to sell your gift card on, do not share digits printed on the back of your gift card.

The list of things-to-do:

  • Immediately report such a scam to your local police.
  • Look for a gift card trading platform where you can get paid in the form of Naira instantly after you sell your iTunes gift card instantly for Naira. Your bank account should be credited with the payment within three to six minutes from the time you initiate the transaction.
  • There should be multiple customer support channels to solve your queries. For example, contact number, social media page, contact e-mail or WhatsApp Number.
  • Check your potential gift card trading platform’s reputation online. Check it on multiple platforms. Don’t forget to seek your contacts’ review about the kind of experience they have got.
  • Make sure they respond fast to your queries.
  • You should ask your potential gift card trading platform’s team a couple of questions before selling them your iTunes gift card instantly for Naira. These questions should primarily be related to the amount of money you are likely to receive and the level of transactional experience.

Well, everything cannot be taught through instructions. Some things are better learned through personal practical experiences as well. We at Card Haveins strive to make sure that you get that personal practical experience proves to be highly positive for you while you sell us your iTunes gift card online instantly for Naira. We value your money! Give us a chance to serve you once! You will then never go anywhere else!

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