The Practices You Must follow to Safeguard Your Bitcoin wallet

by Card Haveins

Posted on December 14, 2018 02:24:29 AM

Bitcoin, the crypto-king, is one of the financial dreams of almost everyone. It is highly expensive. Buying a Bitcoin using traditional currency is not cakewalk so far. However, slowly but steadily, alternate methods of buying Bitcoins are now popping up these days. One of them is trading gift cards for Bitcoins.

The internet is now home to many gift card trading havens/platforms where you can utilize your unused gift cards to buy Bitcoin. The process of buying Bitcoin using gift cards is super easy. You just need to have a Bitcoin wallet account and an account with a platform where can sell gift cards for Bitcoins. All transactions are carried out within three to six minutes of trading cards. The Bitcoin amount proportional to the amount of money available in your gift card is credited to your Bitcoin wallet.

What Then?

All this happens superfast. Moreover, Bitcoin is very expensive. Therefore, in case you plan on trading gift cards for Bitcoins, it is important that you safeguard your Bitcoin wallet. It is because you earn you persevere day on day out for earning your money and not every gift card trading platform available on the internet is genuine like Card Haven.

Therefore, it is important that you safeguard your Bitcoin wallet using the tips given below to keep Bitcoins safe:

  • Have you chosen some platform to sell your gift cards for Bitcoins? Good! But, before you proceed with the transition, make sure you know the feedback of their other users to know about their reputation.
  • Only deal with a trusted gift card trading haven to keep your Bitcoin wallet safe.
  • You must be highly inquisitive before you sell gift cards for Bitcoins. It is important to make sure you are dealing with a genuine gift card buyer like Card Havens.
  • In case you are not convinced about the reputation of your chosen gift card buyer, be sure not to give them any information written on your gift card.
  • Being a gift card seller, you always have the option of canceling the trading of gift card for Bitcoin anytime. However, be sure to cancel the trade process before you give all the important information about your gift card to the buyer/platform. It helps keep your Bitcoin wallet safe. Moreover, your money in gift card remains safe.
  • Don’t give login credential of your Bitcoin wallet.
  • Make sure you don’t give any personal information related to your Bitcoin wallet.
  • If you carry out a transaction to sell your gift cards for Bitcoin, remember to take screenshots of every single process. It is like keeping a record of your transaction to make sure your gift card, money in it and your Bitcoin wallet are absolutely safe.

Being a reputed gift card trading haven/platform, it is our responsibility to help you understand the best practices you should execute to keep your Bitcoin wallet safe. More importantly, we understand that your money is your valuable partner under critical circumstances of life. Therefore, Card Havens cares for you and your hard-earned money. This is why we want you to know the way you can keep it safe while you trade your gift cards for Bitcoins. Good Luck!

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