Four Key FAQs About Online Gift Card Trading Answered

by Card Haveins

Posted on March 26, 2019 05:37:17 AM

Gift cards are now more than just a medium for businesses to increase their ROI (Return on Investment), revenue and customer base. Therefore, gone are the days when only businesses could utilize gift cards for their benefit. Thanks to the advent of next-generation Fintech. Now gift cards holders can sell their gift cards for cash instantly to save their money to deal with their day-to-day financial emergencies.

But there are some questions that often come to the mind of gift card users. Most of the gift card users need answers to these questions to be able to make the most of their gift cards. If you are also one of those questionnaires, here is the list of those questions and answers to you to be able to sell your gift cards for cash instantly:

The List of Questions and answers related to gift card use:

Q.1. Is there any way to secure balance in gift cards?

Answer: This question strikes in the mind of many gift card users. It is because everyone wants to safeguard his/her hard-earned money! Gift cards often come with an expiry date. In case you do not utilize the balance in your gift cards before its expiry, your balance lapses. Meaning, it goes into the account of the gift card service provider. Changes, innovations, and advancements in the domain of financial technologies have now changed this scenario largely. The development of online gift card trading haveins (platforms) is making it possible.

Meaning, just visit some reputed online gift card trading platform, have a verified account ready, link your bank account with it and finally, trade your gift cards instantly for cash and your linked bank account is credited with the amount of money proportional to the balance available in your bank account.

Q.2. Which gift cards can be traded online for money?

Answer: This is another important question that a lot of gift card users want to seek an answer to. It is because the market is flooded with numerous gift card brands. Well, most of these online trading platforms allow users to trade following gift cards:

  • Amazon gift cards
  • Steam gift cards
  • iTunes gift cards, etc.

In case you have one of these gift cards, trade it online and you will get cash for your gift card instantly.

Q.3. Which currencies you will get for trading your gift cards?

Answer: Well, this is another important question. If you are thinking about exchanging your unused gift card, you will like to seek an answer to this question! Coming to the point, Card Haveins allows you to get your bank account credited with Naira, Cedis, and Dollar in exchange for your gift cards. Meaning, it is now easy for you to get cash for gift cards trading instantly online.

Q.4. How to find a reputed gift card trading platform?

Answer: The internet is now home to plenty of online platforms that allow people to trade their unused gift cards and access their money at the time of need. A reputed platform of like Card Haveins should offer you plenty of features. For example:

  • 24/7 customer care services
  • A team of trading experts
  • Communication with customer care through multiple channels
  • Hassle-free account creation process
  • Swift money transfer to your linked bank account

Coming to the point, it is now your time to put those unused unwanted gift cards to work. You should now trade them to get cash for gift cards instantly and deal with your day-to-day financial needs easily. This is where Card Haveins rises to the top as the best platform for trading gift cards online for getting your balance transferred to your linked bank account instantly. Got a gift card to trade for cash? What are you thinking about then? Get started right now and access your money instantly!

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