Here at CardHaveins, we have provided you with ease in trading your gift cards in exchange for your local currency. You can sell your itunes card for naira, trade your amazon card for cash, trade itunes gift card for bitcoin , receive mobile money transfers for your gift cards all at your convenience! Convert your gift cards to cash instantly! Trading has never been so simple! Convert your itunes to naira/cedis instantly without much stress. Cardhaveins is indeed the best site to sell your gift cards for instant payment with just few clicks!
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The trusted haven where selling your gift cards for cash and bitcoin instantly has become a fantastic reality! In just few clicks, you convert your giftcards to cash instantly and can sell gift cards for bitcoins! What are you waiting for ? Trade your cards for instant cash now and put a broad smile on your beautiful face

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    You can sell your itunes gift card for cash , trade your amazon gift card for naira,sell gift cards for cash instantly, trade gift cards for bitcoin, convert your steam wallet for payment in mobile money, sell your bitcoins for naira, convert amazon to cash, trade itunes for naira, etc. We buy almost every gift cards and a user dashboard has been designed for your utmost convenience.

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    Feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all. Contact us

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    Such simplicity and yet modern design/interface built in place to facilitate easy trading of giftcards . With cardhaveins, you practically trade your cards and control your card redemption and payment. It is purely your own decision! Why not control how your card is redeemed with cardhaveins?

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    However, if you prefer trading on whatsapp , our agents are readily available to attend to your request.

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Sell your itunes gift cards for direct payment in naira, cedis, dollars, bitcoins etc



Sell your steam wallet gift cards for direct payment in naira, cedis, dollars, bitcoins.



Sell your amazon gift cards for direct payment in naira, cedis, dollars, bitcoins etc

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